The Hydropower Plant

Learn more about the Costa Rica Small Hydropower PLant, controlled by Costa Rica Energética, its technical specifications, history and location.

SHP Costa Rica
Sucuriú River |
Costa Rica |
ConcessionANEEL Dec. No. 46810/31/2001
Installed PowerANEEL Dec. No. 46810/31/2001
Shareholding ControlSILEA PARTIC. LTDA.49,00%
Other dataOperationmar-99
  • Protected power house;
  • 3 (three) Generation Units, with Francis Turbines, horizontal shaft, 16.0 MW Total Power;
  • Dam wall/gravity type spillway in concrete 73m long and 5.50mm maximum height;
  • Other structures: bottom relief, adduction channel, water intake, 3 penstocks, tail race channel and substation;

In 1999, the plant started its commercial operation. Costa Rica Energética Ltda. is authorized by ANEEL Decision No. 468/2001, to explore the hydraulic potential to 2031. With installed power of 16.00 MW, the plant today is in full operation.

The Costa Rica Small Hydropower Plant, located on the Sucuriú river, Municipality of Costa Rica, state of Mato Grosso do Sul, produces energy without waiving nature conservancy. The environmental support actions for the municipality of Costa Rica include financial contribution top put in place the Salto Sucuriú Municipal Park a reforestation program for the native vegetation for the region surrounding the plant. The SHP also contributes to the social development of the region, with educational, social-environmental and leisure actions.

The plant is operated from the ENERGEST Generation Operation Center, a company belonging to the Energias do Brasil – EDP group, the company responsible for plant Operation and Maintenance, with SILEA being responsible for management of Costa Rica Energética Ltda.

Costa Rica Energética Ltda.
Access road to Salto Sucuriú, nº 2000 Zona Urbana CEP: 79550-000 - Costa Rica – MS