The Hydropower Plant

Learn more about Foz do Chopim Small Hydropower Plant, controlled by Foz do Chopim Energética, its technical specifications, background and location.

SHP Arturo Andreoli
Chopim River |
Cruzeiro do Iguaçu |
ConcessionANEEL Dec. No. 11404/20/2000
Installed PowerANEEL Waiver. No. 54712/11/2000
Shareholding ControlSILEA PARTIC. LTDA.64,23%
Other dataOperationoct-01
  • Protected power house;
  • 2 (two) Generation Units, with Kaplan Turbines, vertical shaft, total power 29.072 MW;;
  • Other structures: plant and channel water intake, adduction channel, 2 penstocks, tail race channel and substation;

The plant began commercial operations in 2001. Foz do Chopim Energética Ltda. is authorized, by ANEEL decision No. 114/2000, to explore this hydraulic potential to 2030. With installed power of 29.072 MW, the plant is currently in full operation.

Foz do Chopim Energética Ltda. Collaborates with the development of the industry, commerce, farming, livestock raising, mining and other sectors.

The plant is operated from the Generation Operation Center of the Companhia Paranaense de Energia – COPEL, in Curitiba, with the company being responsible for Operation and Maintenance of the plant and SILEA, responsible for managing Foz do Chopim Energética Ltda.

Foz do Chopim Energética Ltda.
Rod. PR 473 - Distrito Foz do Chopim CEP: 85598-000 - Cruzeiro do Iguaçu – PR