The Hydropower Plant

Learn more about the São Francisco Small Hydropower Plnat, controlled by Gênesis Energética, its technical specifications, background and location.

SHP São Francisco
São Francisco Verdadeiro River |
Toledo / Ouro Verde |
ConcessionANEEL Dec. No. 58610/29/2002
Installed PowerANEEL Waiver. No. 3.09108/18/2009
Other dataOperationdec-10
  • Protected power house;
  • 2 (two) Generation Units, Francis Turbines, Horizontal shaft, Total Power 14.0 MW
  • Other structures: bottom relief, adduction channel, water intake, 2 Penstocks, tail race channel and substations;

São Francisco Small Hydropower Plants, managed by Gênesis Energética is located on the São Francisco Verdadeiro River, in the municipalities of Toledo and Ouro Verde D’Oeste, in the State of Paraná. 

The plant started commercial operations in November 2010. Gênesis Energética S.A is authorized to explore this hydraulic potential to 2032. With installed power of 14.00 MW, the plant is currently in full operation.

Gênesis Energética S.A.
Estrada Municipal, s/nº - Concórdia do Oeste CEP: 85927-500 - Toledo – PR