SILEA Participações Ltda. represents a long-standing tradition company in the Brazilian's power sector investments segment. The administrative, technical and financial consolidation is based on its experience and innovative structure of administration.

The activities undertaken by the company controllers started in 1961, with participation in the construction of Chopim I, the first generation plant owned by COPEL, Paraná's power utility  state company. Five years later, the company collaborated in building the former Júlio de Mesquita Filho Plant, also in the Chopim river, state of Paraná. After that, it participated in the construction of the large hydropower generation plants of Salto Osório, Salto Santiago, Foz do Areia, Itaipu – Brazil/Paraguay, Segredo and Salto Caxias, all of them also in the state of Paraná. In the state of São Paulo, it participated in the plants of Porto Primavera, Três Irmãos and Gramínea.

After these many years acting in the power generation construction segment, the experience and know-how of SILEA Participações Ltda. current investors, led them to invest in their own business in this area, establishing in the 90s the forerunner company, DM Participações Ltda.

Today, under the name of SILEA Participações Ltda., the company presents professionalized administration, structured into business units. The company is autonomous in respect to its policy for investments, strategic decisions, finances and tax planning. SILEA investments are exclusively in sustainable business involving the power sector, more specifically in Small Hydroeletric Plants from Costa Rica and Alto Sucuriú, in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, Foz do Chopim and São Francisco, in the state of Paraná and Bocaiúva, in the state of Mato Grosso. In order to manage these SHP's, Specific Purpose Companies (Sociedades de Propósitos Específicos - SPE) were established,  called, respectively, Costa Rica Energética Ltda., Ônix Geração de Energia S.A., Foz do Chopim Energética Ltda., Gênesis Energética S.A. and Cravari Geração de Energia S.A..